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Landing String

The landing string system is defined as all equipment between the tubing hanger and the 1st riser joint. The landing string typically contains the following equipment
  • Subsea Test Tree
  • Retainer Valve
  • Lubricator Valve

Subsea Test Tree (SSTT)
The SSTT is the main barrier for the well control operations; it compromises of two isolation valves in series that when closed allow for the disconnection of the landing string from the well. It also allows for the passing of wireline and coil tubing and the allow chemicals to be injected directly into the well stream. Typically the SSTT from Enovate will be compromised of two En-Power Ball Valves.

Retainer Valve
The Retainer Valve is designed to retain fluids in the riser after it has been disconnected from the well and is usually located just above the disconnect point. Typically Enovate have the following equipment for this kind of operation; En-Power, En-Ter & En-Tegrity.

Lubricator Valve
Typically located below the surface tree, the Lubricator Valve is used to isolate the well from the environment when deploying wireline of coil tubing tool assemblies. Enovate provide the following equipment for this application; En-Ter, En-Power, En-Balance & En-Tervene.

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