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Open Water Lubricator Valve (OWLV)

Hydraulically operated Ram type BOP valve

Well isolation and cutting, well intervention Blow Out Preventer (BOP)


Open Water

Pressure balanced BOP well isolation Ram valve designed for superior reliability & performance

Deployed as:

  • Open Water Lubricator Valve [OWLV]

The Entervene Open Water Lubricator Valve is single piston mounted on a vertical axis to the well bore and the predetermined piston to ram travel relationship provides maximum force in the cutting/close stroke. The Entervene OWLV is equipped with verification lines for guaranteed retraction and a secondary system activated in the event of losing hydraulic control makes it an innovative piece of engineering.


  • Cutting capability from 0.108” slickline up to 2 7/8” coiled tubing with a 0.204’’ wall thickness 90 KSI coiled tubing c/w 7/16’’ logging cable
  • Should surface hydraulic control be lost, the secondary system can be activated to retain both upper and lower valves in the open position.
  • Chemical injection facility below the rams via a dual protected NRV.
  • Open verification lines to verify piston has fully retracted to the open position.
  • The valve provides protection against dropped objects to the upper surface of the ram bodies. Impacts up to 35KJ have no effect on the operational or sealing reliability.
  • Bi-directional sealing
  • The Entervene OWLV is a fully pressure balanced system enabling a Fail-as-is (FAI) operating mode.(Traditional BOP fails open)
  • Actuation mechanism in the Entervene OWLV ram design comprises a single piston mounted on a vertical axis to the bore well. (Traditional BOP operated via dual horizontally opposed pistons)
  • Significantly reduced external envelope
  • Negates requirement of complex ram lock system
  • Piston to ram travel relationship predetermined to provide maximum force in the cutting/close stroke area
Size (OD x ID x L)
26in x 7-3/8in x 50in
Weight (exc. adaptors)
Operating Temp.
-5°C to +80°C
Working Pressure
Open Port (min)
Close Port (min)
Applicable codes
API 6A (ISO 10423)
API 14A (ISO 10432)
API 17G (ISO 13628-7)
ISO 15156-1:2001 (NACE: 10 MR 0175)